Trash and Treasure

I recently got a text from my father saying his neighbor was throwing away two plastic Adirondack chairs, and would I want them? After verifying that his neighbor had not put the chairs by the curb just to watch the cars go by, we enthusiastically took possession of this additional seating. Given that we often … More Trash and Treasure

No Gifts, Please!

We have entered “birthday season” in our family. Try as I might to have a spring or summer baby, our third child just extended our already-concentrated season of celebration. It kicks off in mid-October now, followed two weeks later by my middle child, my mom and husband soon after that, then my dad in December, … More No Gifts, Please!

Too Much Stuff

As for me and my house . . . I have too much stuff. Is anyone with me? I might get more worked up than most people when it comes to the amount of stuff that tends to collect in our homes these days–the papers from school and day care, the mail, the half-finished projects, the Very … More Too Much Stuff