I’m Jessica Miller Kelley, a book editor and mom of three. I’m busy and doing my best, like every other parent I know.

On the Enneagram, I am a One with a Nine wing, so in short I have really high ideals but am often too conflict-averse to express them. This blog is all about my attempts to live up to certain ideals around materialism, consumerism, generosity, compassion, simplicity, and more. Hypocrisy seems inevitable, but this is a journey of good intentions, gratitude, and grace.

I love entertaining, birthday parties, and holidays. I love books, I love scrapbooking, I love wine and cheese and restaurant meals. I love surprising my kids with something special. But I also try really hard to avoid excess, to reuse and repurpose things as much as possible, and to be happy and satisfied with what I have. I’m really into buying secondhand. I’m concerned about the state of the world and how the things we buy, the things we use, affect the people who make them and the world overall. I believe in the common good, even when that means having less for ourselves.

I’m on a quest to discover how I can tread more lightly on the world and in turn create a more content, fulfilling life for my family.