Experience Gifts in Every Price Range

Twas just days before Christmas /
when I looked ‘cross the lawn /
to see a UPS man /
with stuff from Amazon

Yep—unless you’ve got Prime shipping, your online shopping better be all done by now! I’m waiting on a few things I ordered from elsewhere and just hoping they arrive by Christmas Eve!

If you’re still figuring out gifts and absolutely refuse to go near a mall or big-box store this week, take comfort in knowing that some of the most memorable gifts can be arranged in minutes from the comfort of your computer (or while you’re doing your grocery shopping) and will delight your loved one for years to come.

I’m talking about EXPERIENCE GIFTS, of course!

I don’t need to tell you how special such presents are, and the extra good news is that there are experiences you can give in basically any price range. So consider these options:

Under $10

  • coffee date
  • ice cream gift card
  • gift card to kids’ favorite fast food place (that you hardly ever go to)
  • the joy of reading—yes, you can give ebooks as gifts!
  • a bag of quarters and a visit to the arcade

$10 – $50

  • mani/pedi
  • movie theatre/Fandango gift card
  • an app-based scavenger hunt of your city (I gave these to several people last year, and my husband and I sure enjoyed his!)
  • swim at an indoor pool
  • a magazine subscription (my kids like AmericanGirl, Highlights, and Animal Tales!)
  • passes for an activity like rock climbing, high ropes course, or bowling

$50 – $100

  • a subscription service, like meal delivery or Kiwi Crates (they have them for every age and interest—from babies to kid crafts to STEM projects)
  • tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • restaurant date or gift card
  • massage or other spa treatment
  • family visit to a museum, zoo, or science center

$100 – $200

  • a night in a hotel (together or if Mommy needs some alone time!)
  • year’s membership to a zoo or museum
  • registration for an upcoming sports season
  • spa day—massage, facial, etc.

$200 and Up

  • registration for a camp (summer or spring break)
  • a series of lessons—dance, music, swim
  • flight in a biplane or hot air balloon
  • a trip! Whether a weekend at a cabin or a big family vacation, a big reveal for an upcoming getaway will definitely be the most memorable gift of the holiday!

You may notice that a fair number of these things are things you might be doing anyway—date night, bowling with the family, swim lessons, a spring break getaway—they can pull double duty as a gift with just a little bit of fanfare. Print it out, wrap it up, delight your loved ones with a fun gift now and the gift of quality time and a memorable experience later!

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